A 1COM national mobile plan for everyone

We understand your necessities and for that reason we created our Unlimited Mobile Plans. Stay connected to the people that matters and don’t be worried about the costs!

Our sales advisors help you to choose the plan that best suits for you.  Keep your current mobile line or get a new one for free. Stay always available using the largest nationwide mobile network.

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No hidden costs

No contracts, no paperwork. We are multilingual and we make it simple. No stress.


Can I keep my number if I switch to 1COM?

You can keep your mobile number regardless of the operator you use.
We will need more information to complete the portability, without paperwork hassle.

How long will it take?

Since we have all your data, the change will take effect after 48 hours
Once your line is with 1COM, it is not necessary for you to notify your old provider that you have changed because they will receive an automatic notification from us.

Can I use my 1COM phone abroad?

Yes, Tiekom rates include roaming in zone 1 so you can stay connected when traveling outside of Spain.

Can I change to another plan?

Yes, we are flexible and we understand that your needs change over time. Rate changes will be applied the month after following the request.

What is not included in my plan?

SMS and calls to premium numbers are not included in our plans.

How can I get a 1COM SIM?

You can request it through our website and we will send it to you at no cost or we will indicate which is the closest 1COM distributor to attend you.

What happens if I lose my SIM?

Get in touch with our customer service and we will send you a duplicate immediately so you can get back online as soon as possible.

Can I set a monthly consumption limit?

Yes, our clients can communicate with 1COM and tell us how much data, roaming and call limits they want to have.

Do I have to pay for the call setup?

No, with our mobile plans, you do not have to pay for the call set-up.

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