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You wanted it. We got it.

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Be liberated

You will enjoy our 4G connection speed at super fast speed. Whenever, wherever and however you want it.

Smart Networks connect smart people


When you don’t need it, you can leave without any type of penalty.


Don’t worry about the type of SIM. We have all three sizes in one (Standard, Micro & Nano).


Ready to use. You don’t need to change the settings or enter the PIN code.


How long does it take for the SIM card to be active?

It only takes a few minutes to activate the SIM card!

How will I know when my GB's have run out?

We will notify you when you have used 80% of the rate and we will also notify you when your GB is used up.

Can I top up my card to add more GB?

Cards have a data limit (400GB and 90GB) and cannot exceed this amount of GB.

What network do SIM cards use?

They use an ultra-fast network! The SIM connects to the strongest network available
either 3G or 4G. Soon even faster with 5G!

Do I need to buy a special router to use the SIM card?

Of course not! You can navigate from your mobile (remember that calls and SMS are
not available), your tablet, your router or Mifi. If you have questions, ask us without

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