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If you want your Spanish home to be well-covered at a great price and all this done by the second largest home insurer in Spain, then 1COM Home Insurance is made for you.

  • Personalised assistance in English for your home 24/7/365 (Premium service)
  • Best coverage adapted to your needs
  • Travel assistance
  • Maintain your home in perfect condition with our Home Assistance service
  • 20% discount only for expats
  • Liability for dogs included
  • Covers any physical injury to third parties
With our home insurances you will receive the following basic cover included:

  • Water damage
  • Robbery including burglary
  • Breakages
  • Aesthetic reconstruction
  • Food deterioration
  • Temporary transfers
  • Civil liability
  • Travel assistance
  • Assistance at home


If you wish, you can also select optional extras:

  • Fully comprehensive property damage
  • Vehicle and water vessel in the garage
  • Accidental body injury
  • Civil liability in relation to dangerous dogs


How do I renew my home insurance?
The period of your insurance Coverage is one year. 60 days before the end of your contract we will send you the renewal information. At this time, you can call us to amend the conditions of your home insurance policy and automatically renew.
Can I cancel my cover at any time?
You have the right to cancel your contract whenever you want. In this case, however, Caser is under no obligation to return the part of the premium that Coverages the remaining part of the contract. This means that if you take out a policy in May and cancel in December, the amount that remains until May of the following year will not be refunded.
How do I decline the renewal?
Before renewing your insurance, Caser will advise you of the renewal terms. If you do not wish to continue, you can advise us of this in writing.
I want to take out a home insurance policy for my property, but the bank with which I hold a mortgage states that I have to insure my property with them. Is this true?

When you are granted a mortgage to buy a property, the financial entity will require you to take out an insurance policy, that Coverages at least third party fire and theft, to a minimum amount which is equal to the value of the mortgage. Nevertheless, you do not have to take out insurance with the insurance company that they offer you. You can also do so with any other insurance provider and forward a copy of the policy that you take out to your mortgage provider.

In the event of a claim, the financial entity will charge the compensation directly, up to the limit of the amount repaid on the date of the incident.


At what point is a policy in place if I take out insurance coverage online?
The insurance is in place as soon as you have paid the corresponding premium.
How do I customise my Caser Multi-Risk Home Insurance?
With Caser, you can choose the Coverage that you really need. As you can see in Coverage (link to Caser Home Insurance), there are four types. Basic Coverage and Civil Liability are mandatory parts of your policy. The Optional Coverages and Special Coverages can be added according to your requirements.
My house is also used as an office. Are the furniture and professional equipment coveredd?
Yes, you can insure the property as long as it is used as a house and complies with the required living conditions. However, it will continue to serve a different legal purpose. What is not covered are accidents that occur in the pursuit of a profession. If you are a painter or sculptor, therefore, or you renovate classic cars, it is better to have a specific place for this activity and a Professional Liability Coverage in place.
How do I calculate the value of my property?

Our premium calculator is designed to help you. With just a few simple questions we will suggest a value. The information that we need and that we will request throughout the process of calculating your premium is as follows:

  • Type of property
  • Area M2
  • Quality of the property
  • Use of the property
  • Province where the property is located
  • As well as to calculate the value of the property, this will help us to establish the value of your furniture and furnishings.


What do I need to do if I have an incident at home?

The first thing that you must do is to take necessary measures to reduce the consequences of the incident, always within the margins of safety. Having done so, you should get in touch with Caser to inform us about the circumstances and consequences if the incident. Caser sets a maximum term of 7 calendar days since the event. For robbery, theft, assault and malicious acts, you must file a report which lists the objects which have been damaged or stolen.

Caser provides 24 h telephone assistance 365 days a year, as shown in the terms of your policy. What’s more, if you are registered with our e-client, you can register a claim online.

How long will Caser take to compensate a claim?
In any case, Caser must pay, within 40 days of receipt of the declaration of the incident, the minimum amount that it will owe according to the facts of the situation.
What is the method of payment?
Direct debit is the only method of payment currently.
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