Renewable energy with 1COM

Saving the future

1COM is committed to 100% renewable energy and to saving the planet’s resources. We offer significant savings in the electricity bill of our customers.
1COM believe that renewable energies are the way to guarantee the future of our planet.

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We are up to 40% cheaper than the main companies

    Wind electricity generators

    Save on your bill

    We offer competitive prices, with savings of up to 40% compared to other companies. Simplicity and transparency in your invoices.

    1COM Energy

    We offer our customers high quality products. We work with an Energy Operator who shares the same values as 1COM, transparency, ethics, functionality and a high commitment to our planet.

    We will make electricity more understandable and accessible to everyone.

    We believe in transparency and simplicity when managing energy and, therefore, our contracts do not have permanence or added services. Choose smart energy.



    Save money up to 40% off your monthly bills.



    We make it easy. No exit or pre-payments.



    Invoices and customer services in English.



    Switching is free! No hidden costs.


    Can I sign up with 1COM Energy anywhere in Spain and how can I switch to 1COM Energy?

    In Spain, anyone can switch to 1COM Energy, regardless of where their supply is located. Only exceptions are Ceuta and Melilla in Africa. It’s very easy: you can do it on this website, by email and by phone.

    Switching to 1COM Energy is very simple. You can fill out the application form on our website or you can send your latest invoice, a copy of your ID/passport, NIE and your bank account number to us at:

    Do I have to notify my current company?
    No. We take care of everything. You must just check whether you have any maintenance services and/or insurances with your current company because if you do, we are not authorized to cancel it/them. Switching to 1COM Energy is completely free.
    Will there to be any supply outages during the change of company?

    Never. This is guaranteed by law. Your previous company and 1COM Energy will agree to carry out the change and we will notify you when it has been done.

    Once the request is sent to your distributor, the change usually takes 5 to 20 days. We will notify you when it has been confirmed.

    Do I commit to a minimum contract term when I move to 1COM Energy?
    Never! One of the main advantages of 1COM Energy is that we do not offer any type of minimum contract term. We work hard every day to keep satisfied.
    When is the electricity bill charged to my account?

    Invoices are sent by email or post. We recommend that you choose email. In addition to receiving your invoice on the day it is issued, you will contribute to preserving the environment.

    Your invoice shows the due date, which is the date on which you will see your bank account has been charged. If you have chosen a fixed payment date, your bill will be collected on the chosen date regardless of the due date.

    If you have a remotely-managed meter, your actual consumption will be billed. If, on the other hand, you have an analogue meter, it will depend on whether your distributor has read your meter or whether you have provided the reading yourself. Of not, the distributor will have to provide an estimated reading.

    Will I have to change the meter, if I switch to 1COM Energy?
    No. Your meter will remain the property of your distribution company regardless of who your current supplier is.
    How much does it cost to change my power and/or tariff?
    We will not charge you anything for changing your power and tariff, but your Grid company will.

    Power reduction: You will only have to pay the connection fee (€ 9.04 + VAT / IGIC)

    Power increase: You have to make sure that your certificate is up to date and can bear the new, increased power. If not, you must request a Electrical Installations Certificate (Spanish abbreviation: CIE) or Electrical Installations Inspection Certificate (Spanish abbreviation: BRIE). An authorised electrician can issue these. The costs related to the power increase will be:

    – Increase fees: €17.37 + VAT / IGIC per additional kW requested
    – Connection fees: €19.70 + VAT / IGIC per additional kW requested
    Change of tariff: If you have standard power, the cost will be €9.04 + VAT / IGIC for connection rights. If your power is not standard, you must have the power adjusted to make the change.

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